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Becoming a single parent of an infant child is both rewarding and challenging. You still have all the excitement of watching your infant grow and explore the new world around him or her. However, parenting can be exhausting and difficult during those first few months, especially a single mother. It seems like there is never […]

(Part One: Working at home with children under school age) Being a work at home mom is a reality for many mothers today. The benefits of being a work at home mom are many. You have the opportunity to remain at home with your children. The children will not have to go to daycare or […]

Single parents who go back to school: How they make it work As a single parent you might ask whether you can go back to school at the same time while still trying to hold down your day job. The answer is, “Sure you can!” Furthering your education is about more than increasing your earning […]

Finding the time to sit down together as a family at mealtime almost seems impossible these days. Yet dining out with your children is part of the socialization process for which all parents are responsible. However, as children get older, it becomes more difficult to find time to spend together as a family, particularly in […]

You might wonder, “How can I be a single parent and homeschool?” Admittedly, homeschooling can pose a challenge to any parent, but especially the single parent. However, a growing number of single parents are either already homeschooling or are thinking about homeschooling their children. The reasons for wanting to homeschool are many, but most importantly, […]

Single Parenting Attitude

Parenting isn’t easy for anyone. It is in many ways the hardest thing a person will ever do, but it is also by far the most rewarding. Single parents face even more obstacles and potential hardships. Many single parents face these challenges head on each and every day. As a single parent one must maintain […]


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